McKeown Card

McKeown Card offers a convenient and effective way to manage your fleet. Our fleet management system is adaptable to your company’s needs and gives you a variety of control and usage options to choose from. What’s more, it is designed to provide greater security and added value in managing your fleet.


McKeown Card is accepted at all:
  • McKeown CardFuel 24/7 Facilities.
  • Caltex Diesel Stops.
  • Caltex and Challenge service stations.
Expense Management:

McKeown Card allows you to efficiently manage your cash flow. Depending on agreed billing cycle and purchase timings you can take advantage of up to 50 days true free credit.

Virtually no paperwork. Monitor your fleet costs with virtually no paper work.


Detailed consumption reporting-Each month you can receive an itemised vehicle report that gives you details of the fuel purchases of each vehicle in your fleet.

Electronic reporting options -You can receive your consumption reporting via email.

Choice of purchase restrictions -Choose from 10 different product groupings to determine the type of product or service able to be purchased by each cardholder in your business.


Secure PIN access -For added security McKeown Card is a PIN controlled card. This secure access is consistent throughout the McKeown Card merchant network.

Online, real time transaction authorization -The electronic payment system carries out online validation to verify a card whenever it is used.

100% electronic network -As all McKeown Card merchants process electronic transactions, we can ensure timely processing and a high level of data integrity

Controlled purchase limits -For your security the system has a number of preset purchase limits to guard against the fraudulent use of the card.


No transaction fees -You can use your card anytime and anywhere and never have to worry about extra transaction based charges.

Card fees -McKeown Cards have a card life of 2 years and have minimal card fees.

Discounts and pricing -Depending on your fuel consumption you may qualify for a special discounted fuel price.

24 hour customer support - For advice on McKeown Card our Customer Service Centre is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week simply click here to contact us.

To get your McKeown Card
Existing McKeown customers - contact us and we’ll organise to send cards out.
New McKeown customers -go to the Credit Application form on this website, fill in and forward to McKeown Petroleum, PO Box 124, Oamaru or fax to 03 434 7978. New cards will be forwarded to you within 3 – 5 working days from acceptance of your application.

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